Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about vehicle wraps and our other services offered. If you still have inquiries, please contact us at for further assistance.

Q. What is a wrap?
A wrap, or “vehicle wrap,” is the term used when vinyl graphics encompass the entire vehicle covering all (or most) of the paint. Unlike cut vinyl which is usually pre-colored vinyl text that go on car doors and windows to promote a business, wraps are full color digitally printed vinyl that use latex or solvent printers to completely transform the vehicle into a moving billboard with eye catching designs and photos.
Q. Do you design wraps?
Yes! Leave it to our design team to give you a radical new concept for your vehicle. Whether it is an “off the wall” design or a contemporary look you’re after, rest assured our design team can meet your needs. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure the end result is what you had envisioned.
Q. Where do you wrap the vehicle?
If you are within our installation area you can drop your vehicle off at our office and we will handle it from there.
Q. Where is your installation area?
Though our design and print team will ship anywhere, our installation team handles installs in our office located in Lincolnton, NC.
Q. What is perforated vinyl?
Perforated vinyl, or window perf as it’s often referred, is a specialty vinyl that is uses small holes and dark adhesive backing to allow an image to be printed on one side, and yet appears nearly transparent when looking from the other side. This makes it ideal for wrapping windows of vehicles as it continues your graphic from the outside while keeping the driver safe with the visibility that they need.
Q. Can I use perforated vinyl on my storefront?
Absolutely. Not only does this make a bold statement for your customers to see, but it is a great way to add privacy as well. Perfect for windows, such as those at a fitness center or cafe, where you want your customers to see the beautiful day outside but don’t necessarily want other people staring back in at them.
Q. How do I care for my vehicle wrap?
Hand washing is the best way to keep the vehicle clean. Though some vinyl manufacturers say it’s safe, we recommend avoiding high pressure systems as some use higher psi that could lift or damage the vinyl. Never wax your vehicle!! Vinyl needs to breathe, and waxing will seal the vinyl and actually cause it more harm than good. Instead, use a vinyl polish. If you have a vehicle with window graphics or window perforated graphics, you want to avoid using an ice scraper. Instead, turn on the defroster and use a soft brush to do the job.
Q. Why do some wraps have seams?
Our printers have the capability of printing up to 54″ so even though most cars and small trucks can be done seamlessly because they fit within that area, larger vans and box trucks won’t and will need to be seamed.
Q. How long will the wrap last?
The duration of the wrap depends on multiple factors. The simple answer is 3-5yrs for printed wraps and 7yrs for color changes. Typically the horizontal sections of the car (ie: hood and roof) will fade and crack earlier due to heavy sun exposure. On the same note, cars that are garage kept and not driven in salt states will last longer than their counterpart.
Q. Can I approve the design before it’s made?
Absolutely. Before we begin printing, we require your approval of the artwork, colors, spelling, and layout. Once you are satisfied, we begin printing your wrap.
Q. How do I know if I’m going to like the design
Clients are never surprised with the final product because we provide a proof of what it will look like before anything goes to final production. In most cases, we will email the proof for your approval. If a change is made, we will provide another proof to ensure your satisfaction.
Q. Can the wrap be removed later?
Absolutely. The wrap is actually applied to the vehicle using pressure-sensitive adhesives. Although the wrap will not come off by itself, it can be easily removed. The removal process is very short and any remaining adhesion residue is easily removed using isopropyl alcohol.
Q. Will my vehicle’s paint be damaged during removal?
The material we use is designed not to damage the paint underneath as long as it is the factory supplied OEM paint and has not been altered in any way. Vehicles that have been in accidents or have had paint touch ups by a non OEM third party may potentially come up.
Q. How do I prepare my car for installation?
Every car needs to be washed the day before installation and garage kept, if possible, until installation. Please DO NOT wax. It is important to not wash the vehicle the morning of installation because water tends to reside. Our installers will then go over the vehicle with denatured alcohol to remove any grease or loose dirt before installation. Please note that any vehicles that arrive dirty will incur a cleaning fee.